Tower Garden

FLEX Support Cage

Designed to help grow larger, fruit-bearing crops.

A number of large, fruit bearing crops — including eggplant, cucumbers, and tomatoes — grow in a climbing, vine-like fashion. These kinds of crops greatly benefit from a little support. That's where the Tower Garden Support Cage comes in.
  • Accessorise Your Tower
  • Convenient & Easy To Use
  • Tower Garden Certified

Product Summary

With a sturdy frame, the Tower Garden FLEX Support Cage was specifically designed to ensure healthy plant development. The structure keeps crops from drooping to the floor, and provides them with the support they need to grow strong.

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What's Included

  • 3 support rings 
  • 6 hollow rods 
  • 12 spacers 
  • 2 hex nuts 
  • 2 wingnuts 
  • 4 washers 

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We offer an easy one-year limited warranty. So if you have any problems during your first year with your Tower Garden FLEX Support Cage, we'll happily repair or replace components as necessary for free.

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Product Details

Made from high-quality, USDA-approved, UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic.